The Monitoring Department of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority is tasked with the monitoring, recording and proper storage of all broadcast programmes. This department effectively analyses the content of these broadcasts to ensure it complies with best practices in broadcasting and international standards.

Information Tech Dept:

The IT Department provides the information technology required for the fulfillment of GNBA’s mission in an efficient and effective manner.
This includes data processing and storage and networks support.


The Accounts Department’s purpose is to strengthen the financial management of the Authority through implementation, monitoring and evaluation of systems of internal control in order to give a transparent and true reflection of the Authority, its activities and the relationship between the Authority and stakeholders.
In doing so, the Authority will strive to safeguard assets by obtaining value for money and allocate resources in the most optimal way with the aim of fulfilling the mandate of the Broadcasting Act No. 17 of 2011.
This department is headed by the Accountant under the guidance of the Finance  Committee, led by Chairperson, Ms. Scheherazade Ishoof – Khan .
The mission of the Finance Committee is to develop systems, plan long-term budgets, keep abreast with changes in the broadcasting environment, planning strategically to improve broadcasting in Guyana and encourage the production of local content through the disbursement of funds by the Authority and other partnering Agencies.



The Administrative Department is solely responsible for the efficient day to day management of the affairs of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority in accordance with the Broadcasting Act No 17. of 2011.
The main functions of the Admin Dept are to address personnel issues and deal with incoming and outgoing correspondences.
It interfaces with members of the public and most importantly maintains a working relationship with stakeholders.
There is also an acting Public Relations Officer whose goal is to create, maintain and protect the organization’s reputation.